The QTPY Story

QTPY is the retail arm of Notts Laser Ltd, a company founded in June 2010 by two friends, one of whom had a background in engineering and the other in online retail. Together we bought a small hobbyist laser, and started selling personalised products from a garage at home. Originally only laser-marking aluminium products, as time went on we expanded to include products from other materials such as wood, leather, slate etc. With a wider range of materials came the need for different types of laser, and more storage space, so in 2013 we relocated to a larger workshop in the Jacksdale are of Nottingham.

We now have a large workshop, with three distinctly different laser systems. We do some medium scale commercial contracts, but the bulk of our sales now comes from gift retail, and it was this demand which lead us to creating this site.

We aim to deliver personalised gifts or accessories which people will cherish, and we must be doing something right because 15% of our sales are returning customers. We know a large portion of our orders are intended as gifts, so we go to great lengths to make sure we personalise products exactly how the customer wants, and deliver them in record time. We believe speed and accuracy are key to generating happy customers.